Friday, 7 March 2014

Steve the Brick in 'Erosion Explosion'

A while back my friend Sam drew a picture of Seth, Ghost and Pyramid Cat in seventies disco clothes for me. It was pretty special.
Last night at Pints and Pencils I asked him to draw a Steve the Brick story and he came up with this (I added some colour).

I genuinely love this. Is Steve sad because he's been alone for 500 Years? Is it because he's lost one of his corners? Is it that the brown blob thing in front of him in the first picture is gone? Is it because it's still raining?

Between this and Will's Ghost Foetus drawing I've had some really cool 'fan' art recently. I'm still waiting for another friend to draw me a Ghost Foetus picture but if you draw (or don't) and would like to draw something for me with one or more of my characters you would make me very happy indeed.

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