Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Full Colour Foetus

Ghost Foetus Chapter 1 and 2 are now in full colour! Click here to see them in all their horrific glory.

Chapter 3 coming soon-ish.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Ghost Foetus colour experiment.

Thought I'd have a go at colouring a Ghost Foetus page. Think it turned out pretty well. I'll probably colour the rest at some point when I have some time.

Star Trek TNG

I drew this for my friend Beth a few months ago as a moving to Bristol present. Unfortunately I drew it the day after her leaving party and then didn't see her again until this weekend. I didn't want to post the picture until she'd seen it but now I can.

I particularly like Worf and Geordie.

Thought Bubble

It was Thought Bubble this weekend, the amazing comics convention/festival that my friend Lisa Wood is the director of. I have volunteered at each and every one of them so far and this year was no exception. As usual the weekend was fun and exhausting, I met some great creators that I admire and respect and picked up some exciting new reading material and art for my house.

But this year it was a little more special than usual.

This year I had my first two stories published by other people!

Here's photographic evidence:

I really couldn't be happier about seeing my work printed in two such fine publications (Zombre from Borderline Press and The Irregulars from Water Closet Press) or could I?

Well...maybe I could and maybe I am. Maybe I had some great news after talking to the Borderline folks. Maybe...

Also, just because it makes me laugh, here's a photo of me meeting Nicholas Gurewitch of the incomparable Perry Bible Fellowship.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Pints and Pencils 21/11/13

I'm not proud of this...

The bowls of chaos gave me 'Sexy David Tennant making a hearty winter broth with a smexy(?) invisible man in Burnley, Lancashire.'

Burnley is the grimmest place on Earth. I had no idea what smexy meant but I assume it's a combination of sexy and mexican. Probably...

Anyway... Behold the monstrosity...

clicking for a bigger version may not be advisable

Thursday, 21 November 2013


So one time Ash got stuck in the dark cave for about a month. Forced to battle for his life against a seemingly endless parade of bat pokemon it was inevitable that his ball dwelling companions would eventually die.
The death of Pikachu hit the hardest. Ash spent a week cradling his broken body, occasionally using it to bludgeon a passing Zubat to provide a quick meal, until his mind cracked.
No one knows exactly what happened in that cave but when Ash finally emerged he was changed. Gone were his pokedex and collection of balls. Gone were his baseball cap and denim jacket. In their place was a ragged suit of Pikachu skin, a wild look in his eyes and a constant grimace as he desperately attempted to use Thundershock.
Ash was never the same again...

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ghost Foetus: Birthday Special

It was my birthday today (or yesterday I suppose, it's nearly 4am). This is a pretty accurate representation of how my day went (except for the party hat, I never wear those).

(click for a bigger version)

Actually I lied, cake has no soul so Amy had to do without. She was not best pleased.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Casey Jones

I got my first ever comission! The Thought Bubble convention is coming up soon and my friend Shaun told me he was going to be getting TMNT sketches from as many artists as he could. He asked me to draw him Casey Jones so I did this:

I'm really pleased with how it came out and hopefully he will be too. I'm also thinking maybe I should watch some TMNT. I've heard the new series is pretty good.

Pints and Pencils 07/11/13

Regular Pints and Pencils update. We were back to the 'bowls of chaos' this time. I got dancing 66 Batman and 'your mum' taking a lizard to court for GBH on the set of a porn film. I didn't really want to put my mum in the story so I made her the exact opposite of her real character. I have heard my mum swear precisely once in my whole life and it was pretty mild (and I'd been a total shit at the time). Anyway...here it is...

I drew some other stuff but none of it made it out of the pub. It was kind of crap though anyway.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


For those of you that are interested, a book featuring one of my stories is now available for pre-order from Borderline Press. It would mean a lot to me if you ordered one (or bought one from the Borderline Press stall at Thought Bubble).

The anthology looks like this:

and my story in it looks like this: