Monday, 24 March 2014

Seth and Ghost preview bits

A few random pages and things from the Seth and Ghost book I'm working on have been being used by Borderline to promote the book and I thought I'd collect them here along with a couple of other bits.

I would also like to remind anyone who hasn't got it yet that Zombre, featuring the first Seth and Ghost story and a bunch of other cool things, is available from Borderline (at the link to the side of this blog), Amazon or Travelling Man and OK Comics in Leeds. It would mean a lot to me if you bought a copy and showed some support for both me and a fledgling independent publisher.

First up the first page of Cassette Boy's solo story:

Next the first page of Pyramid Cat's solo story:

A page from Seth and Ghost vs Crow's Milk which would have appeared in the now postponed Beasts anthology:

and finally a couple of panels from another story currently being completed:

I can also confirm that the book will contain an action packed Steve solo adventure.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sad Skullbee

My friend Fiona (whose work you can see here) did an awesome sketch of Skullbee from Seth and Ghost vs Zombeasts. He's unhappy because of reasons that are too odd to explain (even by my standards), but which involve a panda and a pub.

At the suggestion of my publisher, I'm thinking about running some sort of drawing competition for pictures of my characters where the prizes would be copies of the new book (when available) and some other unique stuff. More details when I decide what to do exactly.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Seth and Ghost's Super Reality Adventure & Activity Book

This is probably going to be the cover to the Seth and Ghost book, maybe with a couple of little tweaks. I've been talking to the publisher today about a couple of ideas and am getting pretty excited about the project. Can't wait for you all to see it.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Official Announcement Type Post

I can now officially announce that in late October the fine people at Borderline Press will be releasing a book of my Seth and Ghost stories. I may well spontaneously combust when I actually get to hold a copy.

Borderline used the following page for their announcement so I guess I should do the same.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Pyramid Cat

I made a Pyramid Cat. That is all.

Steve the Brick in 'Erosion Explosion'

A while back my friend Sam drew a picture of Seth, Ghost and Pyramid Cat in seventies disco clothes for me. It was pretty special.
Last night at Pints and Pencils I asked him to draw a Steve the Brick story and he came up with this (I added some colour).

I genuinely love this. Is Steve sad because he's been alone for 500 Years? Is it because he's lost one of his corners? Is it that the brown blob thing in front of him in the first picture is gone? Is it because it's still raining?

Between this and Will's Ghost Foetus drawing I've had some really cool 'fan' art recently. I'm still waiting for another friend to draw me a Ghost Foetus picture but if you draw (or don't) and would like to draw something for me with one or more of my characters you would make me very happy indeed.

Pints and Pencils 06/03/14

Best Pints and Pencils for a while last night. I got second prize in the drawing competition for the picture below. Will asked us to draw a design for a Pacific Rim style Jaeger for a country that wasn't represented in the movie. Easter Island seemed like a good idea and I actually had time to ink for once.

Later in the night we did one of the usual blind, left handed challenges. We drew Loki in ten seconds and then had a minute to tidy it up with a sharpie. I managed this.

Finally a couple of Ghost Foetus drawings. The first one is a quick sketch I did that Will inked and I think turned out looking pretty horrific.

The second one is all Will and is pretty terrifying. I like the little door that Amy is emerging from. I'm not sure why I have a hunchback though...

I also have a short Steve the Brick story that my friend Sam drew which I'll post sometime later today or tomorrow after I've tidied it up and maybe coloured it.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ghost Foetus: Chapter 3 Preview

Ghost Foetus has sadly been put on hold for a while (probably until July-ish) because of other stuff I'm doing that might actually make me some money. I know some of you have been waiting for Chapter 3 though so here's a sneaky look at the first page.