Thursday, 31 October 2013


A few random sketches I did a couple of nights ago:

There's a good chance that some or all of these will end up in a comic at some point. I prefer writing stories around a few character designs and then fitting other characters in around them. Pretty much everything I've ever written has been based around a random doodle or sketch.

Old Man Future and the Clock with the top hat will definitely be showing up in a Seth and Ghost story somewhere down the line.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

It's Steve the Brick

Steve the Brick was supposed to be in the Seth and Ghost story I did for the Zombre anthology (available later this month from Borderline Press) but because of space reasons I ended up using Pyramid Cat for his part instead. I liked the idea of the character though (Is he alive? Did someone just draw a face on a brick?) so I drew this and have made plans for him to play a part in the next Seth and Ghost story.

Steve the Brick will return!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Ghost Foetus: Chapter 2

It's finally done! For your delight (or disgust) the second chapter of Ghost Foetus is here.

Warning: contains kittens in peril.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Pints and Pencils 4/10/13

Time for your monthly dose of Pints and Pencils weirdness.

This time the challenge was to draw inappropriate pets for fictional characters. I wanted to do a sort of evil version of the legion of super pets so I came up with this.

I'm particularly happy with Bizarro Dog and the idea that a Panda is a suitable pet for a villain powered by fear.

Later Mairi asked me to draw her as a virus for reasons that are complicated and stupid. Here she is complete with the necklace she always wears:

As is usually the case we ended up doing some blind, left-handed drawing. This time though each of us drw a Star Wars character and then passed them to the next person to turn into a proper drawing. This is what Mairi did with my Darth Vader:

Will drew the basic shape of this which he assured me was Obi-Wan. It looked more like a tortoise to me though. I gave him a lightsaber as a compromise.