Justice Badger #1

This was the first comic I ever drew back when I was working for Travelling Man (the finest comic shop in all the land). I doodled a badger with a baseball bat on a slow day and my co-workers persuaded me to draw a comic with him in. Originally it was going to be just the one page but I came up with a story and just stuck with it for a while.
This was done in 2007 so the chances of there being a second issue are slim (I think I have some pages somewhere that I started though), but our hero may show up in Imaginary Stories pretty soon.
Also check after the comic for some celebrity Justice Badger sketches by the likes of Sean Phillips, Adi Granov, Barry Kitson and Jamie McKelvie (acquired at the first Thought Bubble convention in 2007), along with some from friends of mine.
Hope you enjoy it.

Guest Sketches:

Barry Kitson
Adi Granov

Duncan Fegredo 
Jamie McKelvie

Sean Phillips

David Slater

Andrew (Manchild) James
(Andrew also did the painted cover and the 'Justice has a new face page' above)

Ken McFarlane

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