Monday, 24 March 2014

Seth and Ghost preview bits

A few random pages and things from the Seth and Ghost book I'm working on have been being used by Borderline to promote the book and I thought I'd collect them here along with a couple of other bits.

I would also like to remind anyone who hasn't got it yet that Zombre, featuring the first Seth and Ghost story and a bunch of other cool things, is available from Borderline (at the link to the side of this blog), Amazon or Travelling Man and OK Comics in Leeds. It would mean a lot to me if you bought a copy and showed some support for both me and a fledgling independent publisher.

First up the first page of Cassette Boy's solo story:

Next the first page of Pyramid Cat's solo story:

A page from Seth and Ghost vs Crow's Milk which would have appeared in the now postponed Beasts anthology:

and finally a couple of panels from another story currently being completed:

I can also confirm that the book will contain an action packed Steve solo adventure.

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