Friday, 7 March 2014

Pints and Pencils 06/03/14

Best Pints and Pencils for a while last night. I got second prize in the drawing competition for the picture below. Will asked us to draw a design for a Pacific Rim style Jaeger for a country that wasn't represented in the movie. Easter Island seemed like a good idea and I actually had time to ink for once.

Later in the night we did one of the usual blind, left handed challenges. We drew Loki in ten seconds and then had a minute to tidy it up with a sharpie. I managed this.

Finally a couple of Ghost Foetus drawings. The first one is a quick sketch I did that Will inked and I think turned out looking pretty horrific.

The second one is all Will and is pretty terrifying. I like the little door that Amy is emerging from. I'm not sure why I have a hunchback though...

I also have a short Steve the Brick story that my friend Sam drew which I'll post sometime later today or tomorrow after I've tidied it up and maybe coloured it.

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