Thursday, 28 February 2013


Whilst I'm on Adventure Time, here's some photos of the BMO I made from a bit of wood and some cardboard. He/she's pretty tiny...

I made the second one for my friend Youyou but used all my remaining paint on the first one. Hopefully she'll paint it herself.

What time is it?

I love Adventure Time...but then doesn't everyone? I know I'm not the first person to realise that 'Adventure' sounds a bit like 'Avenger' but I believe I may have taken the concept further than most. The first one of these was drawn out as seen, but for the others I drew the individual characters and arranged them as a group in photoshop. They were all coloured with pencil crayons, scanned and edited with some simple photoshop effects. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I think my favourites are Princess Bubblegum as Iron Man, Starchy the Gravedigger as the Silver Surfer and Lemongrab as Dormammu.

 Avenger Time

 West Coast Avenger Time

Defender Time

Here's a couple of bonus pictures from another scene I was planning until I ran out of decent characters to use. It was going to have Abe Lincoln as Wolverine I think.

If anyone has any suggestions for other characters let me know and maybe I'll eventually put another one of these together.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


A while ago I drew a pair of pictures of all the characters I'd come up with (at the time) at the request of a friend. I'd list all the names but it'd take forever. The first one is heroes, the second is villains.

(Obviously I didn't create Larvox and Mogo, the characters with the Green Lantern logos...)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013



Comics, eh..? They're pretty good, right? Maybe you want to read some or look at pictures of anthropomorphic space bunnies, baseball bat wielding mustelids and Jazz crows? Well then you're in luck...I suppose. If not...maybe you should try anyway?

My name is Jamie. I make comics. They're kind of strange. They often appear to have no discernible logic and in some cases actually don't. They usually involve weird talking animals and robots that I probably sketched randomly in the early hours of the morning because I have trouble drawing humans. I've been known to actually finish them every now and then. Perhaps you even own a copy of 'Justice Badger #1' in which a crime fighting badger and his sidekick Daisy the baseball bat go on a metaphysical adventure of life, death and hitting things or 'Imaginary Stories #1', the tale of a depressed, lightbulb headed robot and his cardboard psychiatrist on a dimension hopping quest for purpose (via jazz). You probably don't though...

The following comic, from which this 'blog' takes its name appeared as a back-up in the aforementioned 'Imaginary Stories #1'. I hope you enjoy it. There's more to come.

I'm uncomfortable with calling this a 'blog'...