Friday, 4 October 2013

Pints and Pencils 4/10/13

Time for your monthly dose of Pints and Pencils weirdness.

This time the challenge was to draw inappropriate pets for fictional characters. I wanted to do a sort of evil version of the legion of super pets so I came up with this.

I'm particularly happy with Bizarro Dog and the idea that a Panda is a suitable pet for a villain powered by fear.

Later Mairi asked me to draw her as a virus for reasons that are complicated and stupid. Here she is complete with the necklace she always wears:

As is usually the case we ended up doing some blind, left-handed drawing. This time though each of us drw a Star Wars character and then passed them to the next person to turn into a proper drawing. This is what Mairi did with my Darth Vader:

Will drew the basic shape of this which he assured me was Obi-Wan. It looked more like a tortoise to me though. I gave him a lightsaber as a compromise.

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