Monday, 25 November 2013

Thought Bubble

It was Thought Bubble this weekend, the amazing comics convention/festival that my friend Lisa Wood is the director of. I have volunteered at each and every one of them so far and this year was no exception. As usual the weekend was fun and exhausting, I met some great creators that I admire and respect and picked up some exciting new reading material and art for my house.

But this year it was a little more special than usual.

This year I had my first two stories published by other people!

Here's photographic evidence:

I really couldn't be happier about seeing my work printed in two such fine publications (Zombre from Borderline Press and The Irregulars from Water Closet Press) or could I?

Well...maybe I could and maybe I am. Maybe I had some great news after talking to the Borderline folks. Maybe...

Also, just because it makes me laugh, here's a photo of me meeting Nicholas Gurewitch of the incomparable Perry Bible Fellowship.

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