Friday, 7 June 2013

Pints and Pencils 6/6/13

It was Pints and Pencils again last night. This time we had to draw an old fashioned movie poster for a monster movie with a creature unlike any other movie monster. I agonised over this for ages but eventually came up with this. It's kind of small but at the bottom in the 'From the visionary director of' bit there's another film called 'Day of the Dachshund'. I would definitely watch that.

It was too late to draw it properly but I also came up with this, which I may develop at some point in the future. I think there's probably at least a short strip in it.

Then there's this monstrosity. My friend Mairi asked me to draw her and then she drew me. I turned us into bugs. She asked to be a butterfly but I am an unpleasant man and cannot be trusted.


  1. "but I am an unpleasant man and cannot be trusted"

    I think that should become some sort of catch-phrase or mantra...

    1. I should probably have it printed on a shirt or something, just to warn people in advance.